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Arthur's Place Blogs

Welcome to our new blogs section - we hope you love it as much as we do! Every week our lovely bloggers will post about life with arthritis. If you'd like to be a blogger, just get in touch. Enjoy!

Latest posts

Can’t do, can do

Can’t do, can do

By Charlie Ridgewell  /  May 19, 2017
My first acupuncture session

My first acupuncture session

By Rebecca North  /  April 28, 2017
A musical distraction

A musical distraction

By Charlie Ridgewell  /  April 28, 2017
Take a break

Take a break

By Molly Moore  /  April 25, 2017
A letter to my body

A letter to my body

By Jessie-May Gattiker  /  April 24, 2017
Survival made a warrior out of me

Survival made a warrior out of me

By Rachael-Sarah (Sez)  /  April 24, 2017
Taking my life back post-diagnosis

Taking my life back post-diagnosis

By Anoushka Anand  /  April 24, 2017

Meet all of our bloggers

Lottie's Life

Charlotte was diagnosed with JIA at 14 months old. Now 22, she has been on various treatments and has been involved in drug trials for new anti-TNFs (biologics) with Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is currently studying for a Psychology degree at The Open University and lives with her mother Deborah and their dog Talulah.

The Life of a Spoonie

Molly, now a 22 year old Drama graduate, was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) at the age of 13. She enjoys trekking, and has conquered Kilimanjaro. When she’s not dreaming of trekking and adventuring she’s enjoying a good brew, crafting, gaming and watching every TV series available on Netflix.

Hannah's R.A.ndom Thoughts

Hannah, a PhD candidate living in Melbourne, Australia, shares her R.A.ndom Thoughts on Arthur’s Place. She likes travelling, old books, sewing, dinosaurs and chocolate.

Riding it out

Sez, 25, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis aged 12 and osteoarthritis aged 20. She rides horses, competing in show jumping despite her OA, writes fiction and edits fandom YouTube videos. She is a nurse by day and an artist by night.

Anoushka RA Warrior!

Anoushka Anand, a former children’s nurse, was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 21 after a battle to convince doctors of her symptoms. Now 28, Anoushka has joined Arthur’s Place as a blogger and RA Warrior. She’s about to go on a mini tour of the US. Jealous? Yes!

Collette's Blog

Collette McColgan has been part of our team from the very beginning, writing articles as well as her blog (she is the original Arthur’s Place blogger and inspiration). Now 25, Collette was diagnosed with JIA aged three. She has a boyfriend called Mike and a cat called Bowie. Read her entire blog here – it’s a precious gem in our archive!

Cats, cakes & arthritis

Eduarda was diagnosed with JIA aged 20 even though she’s had it since she was very young. Now 21, she blogs on Arthur’s Place to help spread awareness and show people what it’s like living with arthritis. She’s currently trying to survive med school and arthritis. She has 2 very fluffy Persian cats.

Charlie's Cut

Charlie Ridgewell is 18 and was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism in 2017.This year saw him begin to work voluntarily for two charities local to him. He is a keen writer and gamer and would like to help anybody who reads Arthur’s Place, whether It be making them smile or feeling like they’re not alone In their suffering. Charlie knows how bad arthritis can be but always tries to smile through each day. He also has a cat called Felix and a snake called Steve.

Stiff Joints Ahead

Rebecca is a late twenty something runner with Psoriatic Arthritis, who will be running the 2018 London Marathon. A full time worker and a part time student with the Open University, she enjoys reading, sport, and cats. A Disney fanatic, Baloo from The Jungle Book is her idol. She lives in Aberdeen with her boyfriend.

Simon says...

Simon is a PhD student from Manchester, UK. Inspired by his experience of living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and inflammatory bowel disease, Simon pursued a research career to improve the support available for other young people living with invisible illnesses, like arthritis. When he’s not working on his PhD, Simon is a patient research ambassador – so there’s never a dull moment in his life! Despite the difficulties that he faces due to his health conditions, without them, he wouldn’t be doing what he is passionate about. When he’s not working, Simon likes travelling and photography, and will usually be found with a coffee in hand (and cake, of course!)


Jessie-May is 23 and was diagnosed with Palindromic rheumatoid arthritis at 19. She is a passionate hairdresser in the heart of the south west. Jessie is on a constant mission to find relief, and has tried all sorts of methods from juicing to homeopathy. She is just starting biological treatment and is excited to be able to share her ups and of course, downs.