A heartfelt letter to my parents

by Charlie Ridgewell

Charlie and parents
Dear mum and dad,

Thanks for all the support along the way, as there have been many nooses you have cut me free of through the years. The years have been particularly tough, but the discovery of pain that led to us finding out that I had arthritis was the worse. It not only took me out of my hobbies for months, but came after the passing of a truly valued member of the wider family.

I cannot express in words how much I appreciate and value your support, as my arthritis is but one of many medical complexities I’ve faced over the past 18 years. It’s been so rough, there have been many times I shouldn’t have pulled through, but I guess I always like to keep you guessing. The strength we have as a family now is amazing and I wouldn’t change the course of the last few years because of it.

I guess the last thing I want to say is just thank you, mum and dad, for Everything. I cherish you every day, and just because I may not show it doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. Thank you.

Love Charlie xx

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