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Life with a chronic condition isn't always easy but you tell us that sharing and reading about your experiences, with people who understand, really helps. At Arthur's Place Blogs, every single story is precious and to publish it here, on your behalf, is a privilege. We hear you, and we heart you, arthritis warriors. You're awesome!

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We are all made of stories

Anyone with a story to tell related to life with arthritis is welcome to submit their work for publication in this blogs section.
If you would like to find out more or submit your work, email us at or fill in this simple form here: CREATE A BLOG POST FOR ARTHUR. Go for it; you’re awesome!
This is your space – whether you are a young adult with arthritis, a friend, partner or parent – to share what life is like for you; from the everyday small stuff to the big highs and lows. Your submission could be a piece of writing, a photo or series of photos, a video or audio recording. You can submit one piece, or several pieces, it’s really up to you. Whatever you do, we can help you do it, because we understand this will be the first time sharing something so personal for many of you. Our hope is that together we can build the richest and most diverse range of stories about what it’s really like to be in early adulthood – age 18yrs to 35 yrs – and living life with arthritis, whatever that means for you.

We hope you enjoy reading our bloggers’ amazing work. To find blog posts on a topic of your choice, just select one of the topics below!

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