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Photo by Arthur's Place contributor Ailsa Hay

Photo by Arthur’s Place contributor Ailsa Hay

Young adults with arthritis have contributed to the making of Arthur's Place, as writers, photographers, film-makers and good eggs. Fist bumps to everyone listed here...

Collette McColgan
Journalist Collette McColgan was diagnosed with JIA aged three. Collette has been part of our team from the very beginning, writing articles for our magazine sections, plus her own blog. You will find Collette’s work right across Arthur’s Place, so we’ll pick just three favourites here. Collette is also a member of our Facebook group Arthur’s Place Social.
These shoes weren’t made for walking 
How to spot a good friend
When to tell your date you have arthritis

Juliette Wills
Juliette was 27-years-old and at the peak of her career as a sports journalist when she was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, ulcerative colitis and scoliosis. In 2013 she wrote a memoir, Mostly Cloudy With Some Bright Spells, which has 103 five-star reviews on Amazon. Juliette is a public speaker and patient advisor. She is also a member of our Facebook group Arthur’s Place Social.
How to take the stress out of getting dressed!
Why walking can be a game-changer for your body
Avoid body burn-out by learning how to pace yourself

Ailsa Hay
Ailsa is an artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and photographer. She’s also the co-founder of Mind The Gap, a charity that supports students experiencing mental health problems. Ailsa was diagnosed with JIA aged three, chronic uveitis aged four, osteoarthritis at 22 and had her right hip replaced at 23. For Arthur’s Place Ailsa provided photography and acted as a sounding board.

Sasha Hunte
Sasha Hunte was diagnosed with RA in 2012 aged 20. She is a fashion merchandiser, and blogger. Her writing focuses on how her chronic illness and her passion for fashion combine to create her sense of style. For Arthur’s Place Sasha writes about a topic close to our hearts (and feet); trainers!
Tried & tested trainer tips

Margot Giannaklis
Margot, 25, was diagnosed with arthritis halfway through University. A photographer, she takes beautiful, thought-provoking pictures. For Arthur’s Place, Margot helped source our photography and also created a set of her own unique photographs especially for us. You can see Margot’s work on the articles below, amongst others:
Is your weight hurting you?
What is arthritis?
A-Z of arthritis medicines

Jenna Farmer
Jenna is a freelance health journalist and blogger. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease six years ago and is expecting her first baby in May 2019. She specialises in writing about all things health and has a blog about life with chronic illness called A Balanced Belly. She has also published a book on IBD called ‘Managing IBD: A Balanced Guide to IBD’

Kat McFarlane
Kat McFarlane, 35, teaches civil rights litigation and legal writing at LSU Law Center in Louisiana. She was diagnosed with JRA and iritis at age one, and developed glaucoma in her twenties. Though she occasionally feels trapped in the body of an 80-year-old, she remains young at heart.
“Actually, I do have some questions”

Eloise Henesey
Eloise, 31, has had RA for 19 years and now also has fibromyalgia. She is a blogger and works full time in marketing and her arthritis is currently under control. She didn’t meet a single person her age with the disease until 2014, when she started to volunteer with Arthritis Care. Eloise wrote her real life story herself.
Eloise’s story: “I’m more tolerant, patient and thoughtful”


Just some of our bloggers are Izzie Clough, Anoushka Anand, Charlie Ridgewell, Simon Stones, Collette McColgan, Jessie-May Gatiker, Rebecca North, Sasha Hunte, Sez, Ellen, Eloise, Hannah, Kat, Lisa, Lottie, Margo, Mat, Mike & Molly.
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How to write a blog post for Arthur’s Place


This is just a selection of the good eggs who shared their experiences for our articles:
Kate Wells – How to build up your body confidence
Kyrun Spraggs – Think you can’t exercise? Think again!
Roberta Sheffield – Think exercise with arthritis is out? Think again!, Arthritis and alcohol
Michelle Oliver – Arthritis and alcohol, Work Survival Guide
Carly Dalkowski – Festival Survival Guide
Natalie Gardner – Pregnancy & Arthritis Guide – What to expect in the first trimester
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