Arthritis Facts New

Arthritis Facts

The more you know about your arthritis, the stronger you are. In this section you’ll find useful info and tools, from a diagnosis checklist to symptoms and treatments. Supplement this by asking your doctor or nurse five billion questions (don’t be shy, folks), and feel your confidence to manage your arthritis blossom!

What is arthritis?

You’ve been told you have arthritis. But what is it? Most people think it’s an “old person’s disease”, but that’s not true, as you’re now finding out.

Common symptoms

Everyone’s experience of arthritis will be different, but some symptoms commonly occur

Early diagnosis checklist

If you think you may have arthritis, book an appointment with your GP. In the meantime, see our list of early warning signs

A guide to arthritis treatments

Find out about the different types of treatment used to manage the symptoms or underlying cause of your arthritis

Arthritis FAQs

It’s natural to have questions about your arthritis, whether you are newly diagnosed or an old-timer. Here are common ones

Meet the A-Team

There’s a team of arthritis professionals ready to swoop to your aid. Yay!

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