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Hands up who struggles with laces, zips, bra hooks, jar lids, tin openers, tall shelves, bending down, carrying bags, pubs with no seats, crowded buses, heavy hairdryers, awkward bosses, not enough money, high shoes, flat shoes, just about every pair of s***ing shoes! Ah, you all do? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – what do you need to know if you have arthritis?

When you have a health condition, such as arthritis, you may be worried about what coronavirus means for you. We know many of you have been asking whether you need…

Mental health and wellbeing resources to help you through the coronavirus crisis

It can be difficult to manage your anxiety and stress levels during the coronavirus crisis, especially if you have a chronic illness such as arthritis. But keeping your mind healthy…

Home gizmos that really help

From shoe horns to windscreen covers, Collette McColgan picks the home gizmos that really help

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Smart adaptive clothing for guys – that doesn’t look like adaptive clothing!

If you work in one of those offices where you’re still required to wear a shirt (and not a super-cool media agency with a uniform of ripped jeans and vests)…

Cosmetics and arthritis – the best beauty products to make life a little easier

We all have different relationships with make-up and cosmetics – some of us can’t imagine leaving the house without a full face on, and some of us can only be…

Work Survival Guide

From how to handle interviews to knowing your rights and where to find more help, here’s the info you need to thrive at work

Festivals Survival Guide

YES you can go party at Glasto, V, Bestival & co! Just check out our Survival Guide first and make your dreams of festival bliss a reality

How to take the stress out of getting dressed!

How to get dressed when everything hurts, because you can’t really go out naked…

The Scandi cold weather rituals that could ease your symptoms

Got arthritis? Struggling with the cold? Follow these tips from our Scandinavian friends and you’ll be winter-ready in no time.

University Survival Guide

Congratulations! Going to University is a blast. Here’s the ultimate Survival Guide!

Could you be entitled to benefits and discounts?

A simple guide to which benefits and discounts you might be entitled to and how to get them

Ten ways to make self-injecting easier

Chocolate and eye candy really can make self-injecting a little more pleasurable

How to keep up with the kids

With our expert energy-saving tricks you can have kids and keep up with them too!

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