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Wellness Kits

Welcome to Arthur’s Place Wellness Kits, which have been specially created to tackle the more challenging aspects of life with arthritis, told to us by members of our Facebook group, Arthur’s Place Social. Each kit contains expert advice, shared experiences, articles and practical tools to help make a real difference

Arthur’s of Newcastle

Welcome to our first local wellness kit! We’re helping young adults with arthritis in the Newcastle area find and support each other. If you live, study, work or are treated in or near the city, want to connect with others nearby and find support and resources in your area, come on in!

Wellness Kit – Project Mum

Welcome to our brand-new Wellness Kit supporting women with arthritis who are pregnant, new mums or want to be mums in future

Wellness Kit – Tackle Tiredness Today!

With expert tips, tools, real life stories and even a poem, it’s our special section all about coping with tiredness

Wellness Kit – Summer Body Booster!

We all like to feel fitter, slimmer and more energised in the summer, arthritis or not. In this kit are simple tips to help achieve just that! Sunshine and blue…

Wellness Kit – Newly Diagnosed

An arthritis diagnosis can be the start of a positive new journey. Take your first step with our handpicked selection of articles, advice and apps

Wellness Kit – Start Living Again!

Is your life on hold until your arthritis is ‘fixed” or your symptoms better? In this kit you’ll find an expert video guide to kickstarting life again

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