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Come in, get comfy and have a cuppa with us. We know sometimes you just need a friend, a hug, and time to care for the ‘you’ inside. We understand that arthritis affects lives in ways beyond the physical; it can hurt your emotions, your self-esteem and cause worries too. This section is a hug in words, seeking to help.

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How to spot a good friend

Brilliant friends are a godsend if you have arthritis. Here are the tell-tale signs that your friends are awesome “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” my Gran always…

When to tell your date you have arthritis

There’s no need whatsoever to hide your arthritis from a date, but some times might be better than others to share!

Is arthritis killing your sex life? Here’s how to enjoy lovemaking again

Sex. It’s not easy to talk about. It’s not easy to be confident about, for anyone! So we’re going to do the hard work for you.

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Uplifting songs for rubbish days

When you’re having a real stinker of a bad day with your arthritis, an uplifting song can pick you up and whisk you away to another planet

Imagine if you could change how you feel about your arthritis. Now start that journey here

Do you find it difficult to accept your arthritis? Is your life on hold until you ‘get better’? A new form of cognitive behavioural therapy might help

Afraid to talk honestly about how arthritis really makes you feel? Here’s help to beat the fear

Everyone struggles to express themselves sometimes. As human beings, we all want to be accepted, and we fear that drawing attention to something different about ourselves might end in rejection.…

Love in the time of Covid

How sexy and loved up are you feeling right now? Chances are, you're either cooped up with your beloved other half, who's driving you mad with their inability to locate…

Hacked off with life right now? It’s OK

It’s OK to feel low, worried, frustrated, angry or all four – arthritis can have that effect. Here’s what else is OK: If you feel any one of the ‘difficult’…

Walking with Arthritis: Katherine’s Story

Katherine is 28 and has spondylosis – she is here to share her experiences, tips and tricks on how to keep moving with arthritis.

A brief introduction to mindfulness

Mindfulness has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and even pain. What’s more, anyone can do it, anywhere.

Chronic Pain and Sex

Let's talk about sex baby. Let's talk about you and me. No, for real, let's talk about sex. There's an estimated 12 million people (couples) who deal with chronic pain…

How to cope with post-diagnosis blues

Got the blues after a diagnosis of arthritis? Don’t worry – it’s normal. Find expert tips to combat anxiety, stress and depression.

Summer’s here and I’m taking on the body shamers!

Warmer weather means more body on show, and with that can come funny looks. But, how liberating it feels not to care Summer is here, and along with it comes…

How to build up your body confidence

Does the thought of showing your body make you want to hide? It’s time to build your body confidence!

“Actually, I do have some questions…”

Kat Macfarlane was diagnosed with JRA aged one. Thirty-three years later, she’s asked a lot of questions!! These are the ones she wished she’d asked earlier…

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