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For lots of young women with arthritis deciding if, when and how to have a baby can feel complicated and emotional. In this section, Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Martin Lee answers common questions about being a mum in future, mums from Arthur’s Place Social share their experiences and tips, plus a psychologist and physiotherapist advise how you might get mind and body into best possible shape before embarking on a pregnancy and parenthood

Video – Dr Martin Lee answers the common questions women with arthritis ask about pregnancy and birth

Including fertility, medicines, breastfeeding, passing on arthritis to baby (not likely), considerations for men & more…

Mums from Arthur’s Social pass on words of advice to women considering motherhood

We asked six mums with arthritis, from Arthur’s Social, what advice they would share with women thinking about starting a family in the future. This is what they told us

Getting mind and body ready for pregnancy – a psychologist and a physiotherapist provide their support

Discover ways to make your experience of motherhood in future as wonderful as possible with a little emotional and physical preparation in advance

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