Video – Dr Martin Lee answers the common questions women with arthritis ask about pregnancy and birth

by Arthur's Place

If you have arthritis, it is never too soon to think about whether you may want to be a mum in future, or to have a conversation with your rheumatology doctor or specialist nurse. This is so they can plan your medicines with your desire for motherhood (or not) in mind.

In this video, Dr Martin Lee, a consultant rheumatologist working in the North East of England, answers the more common questions that women have on this important topic, such as, “How will pregnancy affect my arthritis?” and “Can I carry on taking medicine when I am pregnant?”. There are answers for men with arthritis too.

You can choose from 12 individual, short videos, featuring one question each, below. Or, you can watch the entire series of questions by playing the full video at the top – it lasts approximately 13 minutes.

Dr Lee shares his personal experience

Can I still be a mum if I have arthritis?

Can arthritis affect fertility and pregnancy?

When is the right time to have a baby?

Will my baby have arthritis, too?

How will pregnancy affect my arthritis?

Can I carry on taking my medicine while pregnant?

Will my arthritis affect the labour?

What might happen to my arthritis after birth?

Will I still be able to breastfeed?

What do men with arthritis need to know?

Who can I talk to about arthritis and pregnancy?

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