New Mums


The first year with baby is incredible for all parents. Some breeze through it, with angelic babies, while others barely sleep (or shower!) for months. Most experiences fall somewhere in the middle, which is why it helps to have the support of family and friends and the wisdom of experienced mums to learn from. This section shares tips from mums with arthritis, health professionals and more.

A rheumy nurse, physio, OT, psychologist and midwives share advice for new mums with arthritis

Support and encouragement from health professionals who’ve really thought about what it means to have arthritis while looking after a new baby

30 brilliant tips about self-care, feeding, baby kit and more – by mums from Arthur’s Social

Our brilliant mums offer up their best tips, from feeding and sleep advice (the big stuff!) to tips about the best baby kit. It’s ideas from mums who really understand

What to do if arthritis makes it hard to bond with baby

Deep fatigue, achey joints or difficulty holding baby may seem insurmountable issues. But with a few adjustments they don’t need to interfere with bonding

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