Treat tired hands to a DIY massage

by Arthur's Place

Reflexologist Niki McGlynn shows how to give achy hands a gentle massage

Reflexologist Niki McGlynn, founder of Niki’s Organic Balms, writes: Hand massage can help alleviate the pain and tension associated with arthritis and is easy to do on yourself or get a friend to do it for you. Whilst it is important to check that you aren’t suffering from other conditions, knowing how to treat the pain is equally vital. We carry a lot of tension in our hands and this is a simple way to reduce tension and increase blood flow, both of which will help reduce pain. If you have arthritis across various parts of your body, it would be wise to have a massage performed by a professional.

  1. Start by using any lotion or balm that you enjoy. I find that using Niki’s Organic Warming Balm is particularly useful for people with arthritis or poor circulation and Niki’s Organic Lavender & Chamomile is particularly good for those people who are very stressed. Take a small amount of your chosen product and gently but firmly rub it into the whole hand and wrist, using long firm strokes.
  2. Start by working on the palm. Support the hand from underneath and using the opposite thumb, massage around the palm using small, firm circular movements, paying particular attention to the fatty pad under the thumb and at the base of the fingers.
  3. Turn the hand over and repeat small circular massage movement on the back of the hand. Then rub your thumb down the back of your hand from between each finger towards the wrist in firm slow strokes.
  4. Next take your thumb and each finger in turn between the first and middle finger of the opposite hand, working from base to tip rock the massaging hand from side to side whilst gently pulling and working up to the tip of the finger. When you get to the top, give each finger a little shake.
  5. To finish, using the whole of the massaging hand, pull gently from wrist to tip a few times.

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