Homemade heating pads and cooling pads

by Eduarda

I couldn’t live without my heating and cooling pads. I used to have gel ones but they kept getting punctured so I threw them out… Then I was given some of those ones with cereals inside that have a lavender smell and you can either heat them up in the microwave or refrigerate them. The problem with these is that the warm lavender/cereal smell always gives me a headache! So, fed up with not having the perfect heating/cooling pack, I decided to make my own! Yeah!

I googled ‘homemade heating pads’ and found LOTS of information. I read numerous articles looking for information on how to solve the smell problem, what materials were the best and, most important, if these were safe.

I ended up reaching the following conclusions:
– Homemade heating pads and cooling pads were safe as long I made and used them properly and was careful when heating them. Number 1 rule: you must NOT put them in the microwave for long periods of time or else they will overheat and burn (I usually heat them up 15-30 seconds at a time).
– They must be made from 100% cotton fabric, so that they don’t catch fire in the microwave. If you can’t find a beautiful 100% cotton fabric, you can still make them beautiful if you make an outer pouch (that you must remove before putting in the microwave).
– Flaxseeds were the best cereal because they have the weakest smell.
But still not convinced they were safe, before making them I put all the materials in the microwave to make sure nothing caught fire. I’m a bit overcautious sometimes…

So then, what I did was:
1. Cut a large rectangle twice the size I wanted my heating pad to be;
2. Folded it in half and, with a sewing machine, sewed the edges except for a little hole (big enough for a funnel to fit);
3. Through the hole, I poured the flaxseeds (using the funnel). The amount of flaxseeds can vary, I wanted the pads to be flexible so I didn’t fill them up a lot.
4. Finished sewing the hole and voilà!
(I also made an outer pouch by using a pillow case as a model.)

RESULT: the perfect heating/cooling pad!

I didn’t make just one, I made about 10 of them and gave them to family members and friends for Christmas. These heating/cooling pads are essential items for everyone, sick or not. They are great for everyday pain or even for putting on your back while sitting for long hours. If you decide to make one, I advise you to also research online for more information.

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