Video 2 – Willingness and mindfulness

by Arthur's Place

Stage two is moving towards a willingness to accept your arthritis symptoms, and using mindfulness techniques

So, you’ve read our Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and you’ve watched Video 1 as part of our START LIVING AGAIN WELLNESS KIT. Well done you! You’re now ready to view the second video.

In this video you will hear clinical psychologist Dr. David Gillanders talk about:

  • What is “willingness”?
  • Making an active and willing choice to accept your condition, and get on with asking “what next”?
  • Thinking of willingness as a moment-by-moment choice to let go of struggle, and free your mind and energy to do the things you care about instead.
  • The role of mindfulness in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, in cultivating awareness of when you’re struggling versus accepting.
  • Dr. Gillanders recommends a further online resource, which has lots more information. This is the link – What is ACT

You may want to watch this video a few times, until the ideas sink in, before moving on to the final video, VIDEO 3

We hope you find it inspiring!

Willingness and mindfulness

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