Video 3 – Values and actions

by Arthur's Place

Stage three is discovering your personal values and using those, not your symptoms, to shape your life journey

So, you’ve read our Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and you’ve watched Video 1 and Video 2 as part of our START LIVING AGAIN WELLNESS KIT. Congratulations, you’re doing great! You’re now ready to view the final video.

In this video you will hear clinical psychologist Dr. David Gillanders talk about:

  • Why you might want to be willing to accept your symptoms
  • Finding out what your values are, and what you care about most in life
  • Using your values to give direction to your life journey, and shape your decisions
  • Finding stepping stones along your journey
  • Substituting struggle with acceptance, moment by moment, as you head out on the life journey that’s right for you

You may want to watch this video, and the previous two videos, a few times, until the ideas sink in. We hope that you have found them helpful.

Remember, you can find out lots more by following this link: What is ACT

Values and actions

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