Video 1 – Recognising the struggle

by Arthur's Place

Step one is understanding you don't need to put life on hold

So, you’ve read our Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy as part of our START LIVING AGAIN WELLNESS KIT and you’re ready to view the first video. Hurrah!

In this video you will hear clinical psychologist Dr. David Gillanders talk about:

  • How Acceptance & Commitment Therapy helps people to respond as flexibly as possible to their condition and to try to stay on track with doing things they care about
  • How thoughts, feelings and behaviours happen alongside symptoms
  • How we wrestle with our thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • How the strategy of putting life on hold until you’re “better” can be unhelpful
  • An alternative approach to putting life on hold – “willingness”

You may want to watch this video a few times, until the ideas sink in, before moving on to VIDEO 2.

We hope you find it inspiring!

Introduction and recognising the struggle

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